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Copywriting for the Internet

Online language is different. 

Through the wording on your webpage you want to inform your visitors.
But most of all you should try to persuade, inspire, motivate, surprise, amaze,
uplift, astound, create enthusiasm… 

In other words: your online copy has to create emotions. That is because the
written word makes up for the missing personal contact in cyberspace.   

Further there are a couple of rules you need to know and stick to when it come
to Internet copywriting.
Copy must be brief and easy to understand, headlines have to be to the point. 

The search engines are another aspect to consider.  They also read through
your copy, but in a very different way than your human visitors. In your web copy
you have to satisfy both parties in order to be successful. 

We can supply you with spot on copy for your website.
In English, German, French, or any other language. Just give us a call.